Thursday, February 17, 2011

New iPoem App from "Narrative" Magazine

An iPoem is a short poem that will fit within no more than two screens on the iPhone.

Narrative online magazine has just revealed the launch of their iPhone App for which they've created the iPoem genre. Narrative not only regularly features iPoems in the magazine and in their App on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod -- but, soon, they’ll also feature iPoems on a soon-to-be-released Android App.

From Narrative:

"Just as the advent of the typewriter both limited and enhanced the form of poetry, the new media are making an impact on the form and on how readers experience it. So, without establishing specific formal criteria for the iPoem, other than length, we are nonetheless interested in seeing works that indicate the poet’s awareness of how the new media affect, for instance, the line in poetry. We favor works that demonstrate an awareness of and interest in prosody."

Narrative is looking for submissions of original, previously unpublished iPoems. Please see their iPoem Guidelines.
And/or read five iPoems.

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