Monday, February 14, 2011

Naked Angels

No, it's not a production company based in Chatsworth....

Naked Angels is an awesome theater company that started in New York some twenty years ago, which branched out into LA in 2003.

One part of the program is an event Naked Angels hosts each Tuesday night at 9pm at St. Nick's Pub in L.A. (right near the Beverly Center). In a nutshell, writers are invited to submit ten pages of a script (either for TV or film or a play), and then actors will actually perform the script right then and there. Sure, it's a cold read -- but how exciting! Not to mention there are tons of actors, writers, directors and producers present. Who knows what opportunity might turn up for you?

For more info, see their website Be sure to refer to the LA sector of the site.

Tuesdays@9 plays at St. Nick’s Pub, hosted by T@9 LA’s creative directors Steve Altman, Kevin Hoffer, and Liz Warner.
St. Nick’s Pub
8450 West 3rd Street


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