Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Author Linda Lavid Donates Proceeds from E-Book to the Niger Well Water Project

Meet Linda Lavid, the author of no less than eight books that cross the genre divide.
I came across this author on Linkedin. Above all, I was interested in how she was donating the proceeds from every copy sold of her e-book, On Creative Writing, to a clean-water project in Niger, Africa.

Why Linda decided to do this? 
The lack of clean water dramatically affects the quality of life in Niger, Africa. It's been curious how serendipitous events got me to pair the selling of my book to building wells in Niger.

First, I read an article about a local couple [in Western NY], who came back from a trip to Africa. It sounded interesting so I contacted them to speak at a local community group meeting. I didn't know anything about Rotarians or the problems in Niger. When they came and spoke, I was deeply moved. The story could have ended there, but then last month I had record-breaking e-books sales. And I began thinking...what if I sell On Creative Writing and donate every cent to the Niger Water Well Project? (A well only costs $400.) And I dove in.

In the past week, I've made arrangements to donate the money to the local Rotarian Chapter earmarked specifically to the Niger Water Well Project, created an e-book of On Creative Writing with full distribution through Smashwords, and set up a website. I already sold one copy!

To purchase Linda Lavid's e-book, On Creative Writing, go to: http://www.lindalavid.com/#creative_writing_freeebook. All proceeds go the Niger Well Water Project.

You'll Like On Creative Writing if you:

  • are interested in writing fiction

  • like to hone creative writing craft

  • want to get unstuck 

  • have trouble with writer's block

  • don't understand why you lose interest

  • feel you have little talent

  • don't know where your story is going

  • need some editing help
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