Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Radio Interview With Producer Adam Coplan

Today, on the Writers Radio Resource, I interview producer Adam Coplan about what it takes to sell your screenplay.

Go here to listen to the interview.

Over the course of his career, screenplay critic Adam Coplan has swam with producing sharks Joel Silver and Scott Rudin. One of his primary roles was to sift through the avalanche of submitted screenplays, judging instantly which ones to pass along and which to toss in the bin. Coplan acknowledges that most movies are entirely derivative of the past — a formula — yet these movies are greenlit all the time. Coplan issues aspiring screenwriters this tall order — offer originality in a world of predictability. On this edition of Writers Radio Resource, learn about “high concept”, where to focus storytelling energies, and creating a realistic scope for your project. And perhaps your piece will have a chance to actually escape that trash heap.

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