Thursday, May 12, 2011

Words That Only "Tell" for Fiction Writers

Just came across a great blog entry about telling, not showing, when writing fiction -- a major no-no! We are told not to tell but to show with screewriting. Well, approach your fiction in the same manner. In fact, even the words you use can be "telling" words:

- realized
- listened
- watched
- noticed
- thought
- felt
- saw

If your fiction is rife wtih those words, find a more unique way to describe what the character is experiencing. (I need to take this advice myself!) Read the rest of Donna K. Weaver's post, from her blog, Weaving a Tale or Two.

Weaving a Tale or Two: Storymaker Conference - Report 3: Show, Don't Tell...: "One very valuable class I attended was taught by Annette Lyon on Show, Don't Tell . I'd heard good things about Annette's class from other ..."

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  1. I thought that list was brilliant. I'm searching my ms now and finding lots of words to cut.