Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Things Your Scene Needs

I have learned that your scene needs:

- An objective
- An action
- An obstacle

This means your main character wants something.

She takes an action to get it.

But she is thwarted.

I would say that you should also have the characters wants very well-defined.

The character wants something.

Her wants are thwarted.

So what games does she play to try to get around those obstacles? What kind of manipulation does she employ?

Then what is the revelation at the end of the scene?

How does the realization that she can’t get what she wants move her on to another action?

I also just learned that every scene you write should have a:

- Goal
- Conflict
- Disaster

A disaster?

This is what C. Lee McKenzie on her blog, The Write Game, calls it.

The disaster is the big thing that happens at the end of the scene, that major obstacle that appears, which the character cannot get around.

Read more about the disaster on C. Lee McKenzie’s blog.

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