Monday, May 23, 2011

Sylvia Massara -- Champion of the Indie Writer

Not that Sylvia Massara won't interview you if you've published traditionally, but when I came upon this indie Aussie internet TV host, I was so excited to see the resource that she offers to self-published writers, who are in charge of doing all of their own publicity. Of course, it's indie writers who need the most help!

Massara hosts and produces The Lit Chick Show.

At first sight, I thought it was The Chick Lit Show, and I thought that was hilarious. But Massara's blog/show is actually called The Lit Chick Show, because Massara sees herself as the "lit chick" (literary chick). Yes, she's the author of no less than three novels: Like Casablanca, The Other Boyfriend and The Soul Bearers.

Nevertheless, Massara does like the "chick lit" genre a lot. She credits Bridget Jones's Diary as helping her through a difficult time in her life when she was involved with a married man. Before you judge, just remember how popular Bridget Jones's Diary was -- probably because a lot of us women have had similar relationship problems in the past -- at least with men who are totally emotionally unavailable.

Enjoy this video interview with Sylvia Massara, and don't forget to check out her wonderful blog for info about many upcoming authors.

And all you male authors out there, Massara also interviews men on The Lit Chick Show.


  1. What an awesome resource. Thanks for posting!

  2. Lara, thank you for having me as a guest on your blog, and hope to see you soon on The Lit Chick Show! Can't wait :-)

    Warm regards,
    Sylvia Massara
    Novelist and host of The Lit Chick Show

  3. That was a nice way to get yourself out there, Sylvia. Good luck with your Lit show, though it doesn't mean what people think.

    Draven Ames

  4. It was so great to hear Sylvia talk about her books and her blog. Thanks.